Here are some sample bookmarklets for selecting fields in libanalytics. I'm not going to go too much into specifics since this is the open internet. Right-click one and add it to your bookmarks to try it out. You currently have to be on the transaction entry page for it to work.
Student-BR (Fine Arts, Student, "Where is the bathroom?"; question & all)
Student-PR (Education, Student, "printing help"; question & all)
Student-? (Fine Arts, Directional, Walk Up, 0-9, Student)
Faculty-? (Fine Arts, Directional, Walk Up, 0-9, Faculty)

Here are some I made a while back for increasing the size of the quarterly report fields.

Expand LibAnalytics Fields (Employee Report)

Next time you're at the data entry form for your quarterly report, go to your bookmarks/favorites menu and pick the link. You won't actually leave the page. Also, you won't need to visit this site again to use it since it'll be saved to your browser.

This one works with the Deparment/Branch report page:
Expand LibAnalytics Fields (Department/Branch)

If you're curious about this concept, here's the article on bookmarklets from Wikipedia.